1 curtain poles

BB Line Srl in partnership with Leroy Merlin / 1 curtain poles / 2011
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BB Line, in partnership with Leroy Merlin, has developed new packaging for its range of curtain accessories including several different models. The previous solution consisted of a sheet of cardboard, containing 95% recycled paper and a PVC shell that contained the curtain rods. for the new packaging the shell was replaced by a thin layer of polyurethane that fastens the curtain rod to the cardboard, which is itself now made from 100% recycled paper. This change resulted in comprehensive savings in raw materials of 45% and a 50% increase in products transported on standard pallets.

Prevention cornerstones

Raw material saving
Use of recycled material
Logistics optimization
Facilitation of recycling activities


These actions have reduced environmental impacts, with significant positive effects on all the indicators taken into consideration.
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Source: Conai Eco Tool