What is prevention

The strategic ability to act first as opposed to remediating later, the skill to plan for th future in order to reduce risks and prevent problems, the effort directed towards minimising environmental impacts of packaging along its entire life cycle, without altering performance quality: all of this, and much more still, is prevention.

Prevention is at the heart of all the activities of Conai, in accordance with Legislative Decree 152/2006, playing a vital role in supporting companies, promoting actions capable of reducing the environmental impact of packaging and called upon to draft the annual edition of the General Prevention Programme.

Specifically, the initiatives promoted by Conai in the field of prevention fall within two categories:

  • Structural initiatives: assignment of the Environmental contribution and award formulas for application of the Contribution for transferred packaging (reuse).
  • Awareness initiatives: the Future Thinking project, to spread the concept of prevention of environmental impact among companies and to support them in their improvement efforts on their packaging materials along the entire life cycle of the packaging, starting from the design stage.

The objective that Conai intends to reach through these actions is the growth and reinforcement of environmental awareness in all of the players in the packaging chain, from the producer to the final consumer, promoting the adoption of a “top to bottom” approach, attentive to all the stages of the packaging life cycle, generating a virtuous cycle that has the potential to be infinite, creating a concrete circular economy.