Eco-friendly packaging award

Conai for packaging eco-sustainability: 2017 edition

This year CONAI promotes environmental sustainability with the “CONAI contest for prevention  and packaging sustainability” (Regolamento_Bando_Prevenzione_2017) aimed at rewarding the most innovative packaging solutions and ecofriendly placed on the market in 2015-2016 biennium.

The companies that, in the period 2015-2016, have invested in prevention activities aimed at environmental sustainability of their packaging can partecipate, acting on at least one of the following levers: reuse, saving raw materials, optimization of logistics, facilitation of activities recycling, use of materials from recycling, simplifying the packaging system and optimization of production processes.

Proposals may be submitted by June 30, 2017 by filling out the online form available on site, and will be evaluated through the Eco Tool CONAI that allows to calculate through simplified LCA analysis, the effects of actions prevention implemented by companies on their packaging with the calculation of environmental benefits in terms of energy saving, water and reduction of CO2 emissions.

The companies awarded – 2016 edition

Special award:

Bolton Alimentari S.p.A. (premio speciale per imballaggi in acciaio)

Heineken S.p.A. (premio speciale per imballaggi in vetro)

Nestlè Italiana S.p.A. (premio speciale per imballaggi in carta)

Pilkington Italia S.p.A. (premio speciale per imballaggi in legno)

Smilesys S.p.A. in collaborazione con Venchiaredo S.p.A. (premio speciale per gli imballaggi in plastica)

Elica S.p.A. (premio speciale per il caso più meritevole dal punto di vista tecnico-progettuale)

Other companies awarded:

2B Imballaggi S.r.l.

3M Italia S.r.l.

Amcor Flexibles Venturina S.r.l.

Antica Erboristeria S.p.A.

Antonio Sada e Figli S.p.A.

Arcelormittal Piombino S.p.A.

Asolo Dolce S.p.A.

Bagattini S.r.l.

Bamaplast S.n.c.

Barigazzi F.lli S.r.l. + Ecobloks S.r.l.

Barilla G. & R. Fratelli S.p.A.

BB Line S.r.l.

Beb Frutta S.r.l.

Biochimica S.p.A.

Cartotecnica Jolly Pack S.r.l.

Coca-Cola HBC Italia S.r.l.

Conserve Italia Soc. Coop. Agricola

Cooper Standard Automotive Italy S.p.A.

Diadora Sport S.r.l.

Di Iorio S.p.A.

Dopla S.p.A.

Egidio Galbani S.p.A.

Ferrarelle S.p.A.

Ferrari Giovanni Industria Casearia S.p.A.

Fonti di Vinadio S.p.A.

Fratelli Carli S.p.A.

Gianasso S.r.l.

Giorgio Fanti S.p.A.

Gruppo Romani S.p.A. Industrie Ceramiche

Henkel Italia S.r.l.

Karton S.p.A.

I.C.M. S.p.A.

Il Giardino dei Libri S.r.l.

Latteria Soresina Società Cooperativa Agricola

Lechler S.p.A.

Lindt & Spruengli S.p.A.

L’Oréal Saipo Industriale S.p.A.

Magis S.p.A. + La Fabbrica della Pasta di Gragnano S.a.s.

Marazzi Group S.r.l.

Meteor S.a.s.

Monari Pallets S.r.l. + Ecobloks S.r.l.

Nolpal S.r.l. + Casa dei Pallet s.r.l. + Orogel Spa Consortile + Gruppo Cevico Soc. Coop. Agricola + Kimbo S.p.A.

Officine Grafiche S.r.l.

Orogel Soc. Coop. Agricola

Pack + S.r.l. S.r.l.

Renna S.r.l.

Rondine S.p.A.

Sabox S.r.l.

Sammontana S.p.A.

Sorgente Verna S.r.l.

Teapak S.r.l.

Tenaris Dalmine S.p.A.

Zep Italia S.r.l.

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