Eco-friendly packaging award

CONAI contest for prevention and packaging sustainability: 2019 edition

This year CONAI promotes environmental sustainability with the “CONAI contest for prevention  and packaging sustainability: 2019 edition” ( Regolamento_Bando_Prevenzione_Conai_2019 – Italian only) aimed at rewarding the most innovative packaging solutions and ecofriendly placed on the market in 2017-2018 biennium.

CONAI’s members could participate at the contest for prevention solutions realized using CONAI’s eco-design drivers: design for reuse, saving raw materials, logistics optimization, design for recycling, use of secondary materials, packaging optimization or processes optimization.

Proposals may be submitted by June 30, 2019 by filling out the online form available on, and will be evaluated through the Eco Tool CONAI. Eco Tool calculates – through simplified LCA analysis – the effects of the prevention solutions on their packaging in terms of energy and water saving, and GHG savings.

The companies will be able to participate with a re-design of existing packaging or with new packaging projects which, based on the results of the Eco Tool, will have a lower environmental impact. About new packaging, the solution will compared to the packaging most frequently used for the same application on the Italian market.

Moreover, the Eco Tool and correlated activity will be validated by certification assessment bodies.

Last year CONAI has rewarded 103 packaging solutions out of 161 presented with a prize money of € 400.000 included € 70.000 for 7 best solutions refers to single material.

Regarding new 2019 edition, the available budget is equal to 500,000 euro to split:

  • € 410,000 in proportion to the score of all admitted solutions;
  • € 60,000 for best solutions refers to single material (steel, aluminium, paper, wood, plastic and glass);
  • € 30,000 in Enlarged Technical Committee opinion (Awards for Circular Economy), for one or more of the following eco-design drivers:
  • Design for reuse,
  • Design for recycling,
  • Use of secondary materials

Below is the list of winning companies in the 2018 edition:

Winners Companies 2018

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