Prevention Dossier

Every tree years CONAI publishes the “Dossier for Prevention” to provide information about a selection of eco-sustainable packaging material available on market.

The main purpose of this publishing is to show benefit results from prevention action program on all different kind of packaging (primary, secondary, tertiary).

2016 edition – The Dossier has been changed in “Futuro Comune – Innovazione, bellezza e sostenibilità” (only Italian version – Download CONAI_Futuro_Comune_def), a document written in collaboration with RCS. “Futuro Comune” describes  the evolution, about circular economy approach, of different companies in multiple sectors through contribution of experts such as Mauro Felicori, Gualtiero Marchesi, Fabio Novembre, Carlo Ratti, Valentina Vezzali and Luigi Zoja.

The interviews refers from habits and life style to society and innovation. CONAI describes stories and results of companies to promote virtuose cycle of innovation.