How to enact prevention

Cooperation among companies, citizens and municipalities is fundamental for the positive outcome of prevention actions. In other words, good prevention requires teamwork. European and Italian standards reinforce this concept through two inseparable and complementary principles: responsibility extended to the producer and shared responsibility.

The companies that operate upstream in the early stages of the life cycle of packaging must have an “extended responsibility” along the entire life cycle of the packaging, focussing attention not only on the design and creation of more eco-sustainable packaging, but also on the end of life stage of the same packaging. In the same way, citizens and municipalities also play decisive roles.

Municipalities have the task of providing appropriate waste collection systems that allow recovery of packaging of all types throughout the entire area. If this effort is joined by that of local citizens, who are the true protagonists of the decisive waste separation stage, the life cycle of packaging materials can conclude in a virtuous circle.

Conai provides support during all of these stages of activity, offering knowledge and recognition to companies that are attentive to their environmental impact, support municipalities in preparation of separated waste collection systems and providing necessary information to citizens.

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The Conai prevention cornerstones:

Risparmio di materia prima

Saving raw materials Containment of consumption of the raw materials used to create packaging, and subsequent reduction in weight with the same sized packaged product and performance.

Consists of reusing the packaging several times, for the exact same use for which it was originally conceived.

Utilizzo di materiale riciclato

Use of recycled materials substitution of a quota or the total of virgin raw materials with recycled materials to contribute to reducing the use of natural resources.

Ottimizzazione logistica

Logistics optimisation All of the innovation actions that can improve storage and exposition operations, optimising loads on pallets and on transport means, and refining the ratios between primary, secondary and tertiary packaging.

Facilitazione attività riciclo

Facilitating recycling All innovations aiming to simplify the recovery and recycling of packaging, like the use of single material packaging.

Semplificazione sistema imballo

Simplification of packaging systems Integrating several functions in a single packaging component, eliminating an element and therefore simplifying the system.

Ottimizzazione processi

Optimization of production processes

Implementation of innovative packaging production processes able to reduce energy consumption per unit of production or to reduce the production waste or, in general, to reduce the use of production inputs.