Local Activities

CONAI is engaged with Municipalities according to duties coming from Italian regulations which assigns to CONAI the covering of extra costs of sorting collection of urban packaging waste. CONAI is also invited to cooperate with local Institutions in order to reach the most suitable management of urban waste, with a particular attention to packaging waste of course. The main tool CONAI and other materials Consortia operate with, is the National Chief Agreement between ANCI and CONAI itself (in Italian: Accordo Quadro ANCI CONAI), where ANCI is the Italian Municipalities Association. This agreement gives the possibility to every Italian Municipalty to subscribe a local agreement with every Material Consortia. Thanks to this local agreement the Municipality delivers all of his packaging waste collected by sorting collection to the Consortia, having back first of all the guarantee that those waste will be send to recycle, and second the payment of fees which cover extra costs the Municipality paid to manage packaging waste sorted collection. Besides CONAI helps local Institutions by specific agreements to set the most efficient and cheap waste management. These cooperations can provide studies for waste characterization, communication support, master for education. CONAI, indeed, also helps local Municipalities with heavy difficulties in waste management to realize waste management systems.