Even in the last year, the CONAI System has become a key player both in the preservation of the environment and in a whole industrial chain ranging from collection to treatment and to the valorisation of packaging waste.

According to the 2016 data published in the General Program for the Prevention and Management of Packaging and Packaging Waste, the packaging on the market grew by 2.2% over the previous year, reaching 12.6 million tonnes. Growth in overall packaging recovery figures, which shows an increase of 78.2% in consumer goods. Overall recycling was 67.1% of the total consumption, totaling 8.448 million tonnes (+ 2.7% over 2015). This is largely above the European targets for 2020.

Finally, the management of packaging waste in the ANCI-CONAI convention is 2.6%, totaling almost 3.9 million tonnes directly managed. There are about 6,700 Municipalities served by by the agreements, with the involvement of more than 55 million citizens.