About Us

CONAI is a private non-profit consortium in Italy, the measure by which packaging producers and users ensure that they achieve  the recycling and recovery target of packaging waste provided for by law.

For 20 years, CONAI has served as an effective system for the recovery, recycling and valorisation of steel, aluminium, paper, wood, plastic and glass packaging materials.

This model bases its strength on the principle of “shared responsibility”, relying on the involvement of all the players in waste management: from the companies who produce and use packaging, to Public Administrations which establish the rules of waste management in the territory, to citizens whose daily actions when separating waste initiate a virtuous process for the environment, all the way to the recycling companies.


What is CONAI

Mission and the activities of the Consortium for the recovery of packaging.


The results of the recovery and recycling of packaging waste. 3 packs of 4 are now sent for recycling.


The organizational structure and rules of the Consortium.

CONAI System

CONAI directs the activities and provides the results of 6 Consortial Supply Chain.

Green economy

CONAI is a leading player in the Italian green economy.

Dichiarazioni Online

E’ attivo per i Consorziati CONAI il servizio “Dichiarazioni on line” per l’invio della modulistica attraverso una connessione Internet protetta. Dall’anno 2014 tale modalità è divenuta obbligatoria per l’invio delle dichiarazioni del Contributo Ambientale e delle richieste di rimborso/esenzione.